Water Damage and Your Home

When a pipe bursts or a flood occurs in your basement, there is no doubt you need to take immediate action.

But sometimes water damage can be more subtle, even hidden. In these cases, it is critical to identify the problem and tackle it, before the situation worsens. The extent of the damage depends on how long the water is allowed to stand or accumulate. Excess moisture can also cause the development of mold, which can lead to health problems such as cold-like or allergy symptoms, headaches and nausea.

Here are 10 signs that could indicate your home is suffering:

1. Dark or wet spots on the wall or ceiling. Most are a yellowish brown color and expand from one point to make irregular shapes depending on the direction the water takes.

2. Cracking or flaking drywall. Drywall can absorb excess moisture in a property, which will cause it to bubble up and become swollen.

3. Paint that is peeling off or discolored in certain areas.

4. Pooling water or puddles that come back after you clean them up.

5. A damp, musty or moldy smell that suddenly appears.

6. The sound of water running, even when all the fixtures are turned off.

7. A sudden increase in utility bills. Keep an eye on your water bill and any unusual spikes.

8. A feeling of unusual dampness or humidity in the home.

9. A cold home. Excess moisture will draw heat out of walls in order to evaporate, in turn leaving them colder and your home more difficult to heat.

10. Cracked or warped tile, laminate or wood flooring. Water damage happens to all types of flooring. Don’t forget to also look for wet patches of carpet, especially in the corners of a room or less trafficked areas.

What now? Time is off the essence. It’s important to act quickly to avoid turning a molehill into a mountain of debt and frustration.

At ReClaim-It, we handle clients’ water damage with a multi-step approach:

1. Drying, disinfecting and dehumidifying walls.

2. Using water extraction to remove excess water so the area can dry.

3. Cleaning and removing mold from structures and building materials.

4. Disinfecting carpets, walls and furniture, leaving them safe to use again.

You should ALWAYS feel comfortable and secure in your home. By paying attention to these signs, you can help protect the place that protects YOU, all year long.